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Im kinda late on the 2014 roundup type deals. I wasnt actually going to do them this year but then after looking at countless ones all over my dashboard I felt like I owed it to myself and you guys to actually look back at the previous year properly.

I'd be lying if I said 2014 wasn't my year of wanderlust. I've never really had the urge to travel, Im a bit of a homebody and a massive princess so leaving behind my creature comforts was a struggle. But as I sat down to think about 2014 the only thing I can think of it all the awesome places I've visited. I went to Asia and all around Europe and went to New York Twice

Spain - I went to Spain three times including Barcelona twice. Once with Bershka to go to a festival called Sonar and also to Benicassim with New Look. Baralona is my favourite European city, I love it's laid back relaxed feel. It has a quality that is hard to find in other cities. At Benicassim Festival I went to the beach for the only time this year (although I suppose technically Optimus Alive was on a beach) and dipped my toes in the cool water.

Portugal - This trip was a holiday and festival in one. Me and Dal decided not to rough it and shelled out about 120 Euros for a pretty decent hotel and some nice air conditioning for the long weekend. Admittedly we spent most of our time around the pool lapping up some much needed sunshine but we both agreed this was out favourite festival trip this summer.

Germany - Three times in Germany including Southside Festival, Belin and Munich. Munich was a quick little trip to explore the Stylight offices but this was the first time I'd been to Germany ever. Me and Zoe did a massive wander around the city and drank beer the proper way. In Berlin I shot a lookbook for Nike which you can check out here (I will share the full images soon!) Southside festival was hilarious and honestly so much fun. Me and Dal were so out of our depth but we somehow managed to pull it together and have a pretty fun weekend!

Paris - I went to Paris twice, once with Clarins and the other with Dal (see a pattern here) I would have gone this month too but it just didnt work out. When me and Dal went we went on an awesome bike tour of the city and really got to know the lesser parts of the city. I'd totally recommend it if youre looking to see Paris in a fresh new way!

Netherlands - I went to Amsterdam twice, Another of my favourite Euro cities. It's just fun and effortless and has a really nice chilled out culture (not just because of the weed, may I add) Perfect for a weekend break out of the UK.

Thailand - A spur of the moment decision took me on taking a 14 day tour around Asia with Contiki. It was one of the best experiences of my whole life and I wouldnt have changed it for the world. I spent about 3 days in Thailand and it really wet my appetite for the culturally diverse country. Im hoping to go back sometime this year to see more.

Laos - Laos was the second country I visited on my Asian Adventure. We sailed down the Mekong River for two days, jumped off waterfalls, slept in tiny remote villages and learnt about the country that I'd never really heard much about. I was sick all of my time in Laos but it was such an awesome place and would totally recommend stopping by if you want to travel that area of Indo-China.

Cambodia - Here I went to the infamous Killing Fields which was one of the most sobering but eye opening experiences of my life. I also ticked seeing the sunrise at Ankor Wat off my bucketlist!

London - I guess London isnt technically travelling for me as I live here but the city has provided a huge source of inspiration for me this year. I'd honestly recommend London to anyone looking for something new to explore and investigate. Theres always something cool on, a new restaurant opening or areas to explore. I didnt go to London until I was 18 and I really regret not experiencing it more!