This is probably my current favourite outfit. The oxblood wool coat, jodhpurs, high neck top and a fedora. It's just the easiest way to dress. A simple pairing of colours that work so effortlessly well with together. I've worn these jodhpurs so many times over the last few posts. They are sort of like disco pants but have a matte more day to day wearable feel to them. Not too tight or too shiney, they are just perfect for day or night occasions. I think they are pretty affordable too, especially compared to higher end counter parts. 

I hate typing this but I cant believe it's finally Thurday - even though I still have so much to do this week before I decide to take a internet break over the Christmas period. Friday is going to be my last day tied to my desk before popping my out of office on. I also really cannot wait to go home for Christmas. I've not been home in months and months and it's going to be lovely to see all of my family. Especially my little brothers as their little faces over Christmas just makes my heart melt.

Photos by Jon D Barker
Edited by Lily Melrose