Im still totally on the camel coat hype - It has been my most favourite purchase of 2014 easily. I just love it's cool oversized mannish inspired feel and the fact it just adds an instant put together feel to pretty much any outfit that I throw on. It feels grown up and super sophisticated. I mentioned the other day that I've been loving the midi length recently and this white Topshop Skirt has been pretty much the only skirt I've been sporting recently. I just like it's swishy feel and the fact that I can wear and skirt and not have to wear tights!

Another week has started and Im pretty darn excited about that. Everything feels like it's slowly slipping into place and the run towards the madness that is Christmas is well and truely beginning. My diary for the next few weeks is packed full of different fun things so hopefully I'll bring a lifestyle element back into my blog! I feel like I've gone from talking about my life all the time to going back to being a fashion blog again!

Vlogmas starts today so make sure you keep up to date with my vlog channel for all my day to day goings on as of tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be vlogging everyday until Christmas day which is a pretty big task and I failed quite miserably at the last hurdle when I was doing Vlogtober! None the less I really enjoy vlogging so would love you guys to go check them out! Subscribe to my channel here!

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Photos by Jon D Barker
Edited by Lily Melrose