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It feels like ages ago I went to New York for this shoot with DKNY. It was sometime around the beginning of middle September actually and Im FINALLY allowed to share all my final images. I honestly feel like I was starring in some sort of perfume ad now Im looking back at these images. It feels quite surreal actually! I was incredibly sick on the day of shooting, a mixture of too much travelling and terrible hayfever (the city seems to do that to me) but I was determined not to ruin my NYC experience. It's a city thats impossible to be sad in.

New York is one of my favourite places I've ever been. It's so inspiring, big and just so... so hard to put into words. I didn't get the hype at first. As someone who's lived in London for the past 3 years I mistakenly thought it would be just like London but bigger. But it's really really something else. It's so tall... like really really tall. You look up and it feels like everything just goes up and up. It's quite a odd feeling.

In these snaps I was up on the Highline which is a converted railway track which has been turned into a sort of national park. It's one of the nicest walks in the city and a must visit if you want to take a nice stroll within New York. It's absolutely beautiful and surprisingly peaceful within a city as energetic as NYC. Another location we visited was West Village. It's so cool and like that stereotypical New York street kinda thing complete with stoops and those really awesome streets. I felt like I was a proper New Yorker in this area. It'd be the absolute dream to live somewhere like that!

I have one final instalment of this series coming up next week which has even more New York imagery. I'd probably not recommend reading it if you dont want severe wanderlust. I'm hovering over the button to book another trip as I type!

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