For this look I decided on a flowy white skirt, Despite being a bit of a midi hater in the past the style has grown on me and I find myself drawn to the shape more and more. I thought it was pretty feminine so I kept the rest of my look a little more tough and rock n roll. The addition of the fur clutch and the fur scarf were just the right combo of chic that I needed to complete the outfit.

Also, can you believe my scarf is from Primark? ASOS are selling a similar one for almost £28 more than the mere tenner I paid for my Primark number. Bargain of the winter right there folks!

As we shot these images a few weeks ago we were swarmed by a bunch of angry looking pigeons. Some of the outtakes for this shoot are totally going into one of my planned outtakes posts that Im going to post in the next few weeks! There were just too funny, it was like Alfred Hitchcocks The Birds IRL.

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Photos by Jon D Barker
Edited by Lily Melrose