Me and Jon shot these photos in my local park because we wanted to play a little with the awesome scenery we have in London. While predominantly grey and dull there are pockets of green all over the city which are perfect from getting away from the city buzz and taking some time to just readjust.

Im so obsessed with the sleeves on this ASOS Vintage dress, They are so feminine and girly and are just asking to be toughened up with a pair or badass boots. It's actually making me want to go full on grunge and rock some DM's with it or something. Alas I wore my new Enter The Dragon ASOS Boots (super badassery naming going on there) and mixed with my menswear inspired camel coat for the perfect winter blend.

Im just off to go shoot an early morning video with Urban Decay to go up on my channel next week which should be pretty fun. I feel like I haven't done enough lifestyle on the blog recently and I need to sort that out in the new year! I have a ton of ideas but still haven't put fingers to keyboard to ease them out of my confuddled brain. Hope you are all having the best time this frosty December morning and I will catch you on the flip side.

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Photos by Jon Barker
Edited by Lily Melrose
ASOS Dress, New Look Bag, Topshop Hat*, River Island Coat, ASOS Shoes*