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I popped into Superdrug a few days ago to pick up some basics and ended up leaving with an armful of new bits and bobs. One thing that caught my eye were these insane Lily Allen x Elegant Touch nails in Everthing's Just Wonderful. They are a super insane rainbow glitter print and are super eye-catching.

The only thing I didnt dig was the shape, a lot of the Elegant Touch Lily Loves nails are sqoval or stiletto style nails. I know that Lily herself tends to opt towards these shapes so it makes sense the range would be that shape, but it's just not my personal cup of tea. All I did was file them down so they were a little shorter and squarer.

While I do think they are crazy over the top they are so fun and perfect for the party season. I wore these for a few days and had so many compliments (and some looks of horror from my neutral nail polish lovin' mates!) on them.