I absolutely love these shots Jon took of me a few weeks ago (clearly pre fringe!) We'd gone on a little jaunt in my new car (Have I even mentioned I have a new car on here?) and spotted a nice little spot to have a mini shoot. This was around the Clapham Old Town area which has loads of lovely big houses which I'd absolutely love to live in at some point... a girl can dream! I absolutely adore this check coat, although I seem to have more coats in my winter wardrobe than I have fingers  I just cant seem to get enough of them! The justification for this one was there was a 30% off coats thing on at ASOS! Ooops!

The contrast of a bright red plaid coat with already established my winter uniform (leather skirts, oversized fluffy jumpers and boots) is the simplest way of getting a cool girl look with minimal fuss. Keep the rest of the items neutral for a cosy and chic look.
PS. For a cheeky bonus snap check this one out of me. Sometimes I like to make faces inbetween snaps just to see if Jon notices. I think this might be his favourite ever.

Photos by Jon D Barker
Edited by Lily Melrose
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