Anastasia contour kit

ANASTASIA CONTouR KIT review swatch photo
ANASTASIA contour kit review swatch photo
ANASTASIA contour kit review swatch photo
ANASTASIA contour kit review swatch photo

ANASTASIA contour kit

Ever look at something and just decide there and then you need this in your life no questions asked? Yeap that was me when I saw that the Anastasia Contour Kit had come back into stock on Cult Beauty. Before I knew it the palette was on its way to me and in my grubby paws.

Iconic brow brand Anastasia launched one of the most covetable face palettes of the year. A selection of 6 different shades designed to perfectly contour and shape the face. With a mix of both sateen and matte textures this palette is not one to skip on if you’re into your contouring. All of the shades are neutral in tone which means they work on a variety of skin tones to create dreamy model like cheekbones.

This palette has caused a bit of a frenzy among those in the beauty know and it comes in and out of stock all the time. It’s currently in stock and Cult Beauty also have a £5 off when you spend £45. I’d recommend picking this up and the Anastasia Brow Whiz while you’re at it!


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