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001. As this was such a sucessful feature last week I thought I'd get back into the swing and do it properly again! Woop!

002. I went to see Gone Girl last night which I really enjoyed. I honestly think its one of the best films I've seen this year. I havent read the book yet but I think Im going to crack it out next week to get the full story. I dont think I've ever seen a film with Ben Affleck in (apart from Dogma, ha) I really liked it though. So man twists and turns and kept me gripped throughout the film. Like everyone is saying about the film is that it ends really weirdly, leaving you want to know more! I guess thats the sign of a gripping story!

003. On Tuesday I popped west to go see the oh so lovely Manchester Orchestra. They are such a sweet band and I'd highly reccomend checking them out. My favourite song is Pensacola and you can check more snippets out in that vlog from the night. I also went to Afternoon Tea with Zoe at Cafe Royal which was absolutely amazing, I do have a full post on that coming up this week though. Spoiler alert, THE CAKES WERE AMAZING.

004. On Thursday night I went to see the wondeful Blitz Kids and then ended up going out to UPRAWR at the Purple Turtle.. then a casino before rolling into my house at 6am. You can check the vlog of the evening here and then my hungover vlog from the following day. I was a little bit ruined to say the least! I had the best time though. Reminded me that even though I've totally left my band days behind I do love hanging out with fab music minded people. Super inspiring! Even though my head hurt alot the next day and I was on set with a brand for a few hours! Oops! You live and you learn!

005. Sorry I dropped a little off the face of the blogging world towards the end of the week. Im thinking of cutting my blog days down to 5 days a week on here, keeping ETCLLYMLRS daily (even though I barely posted this week!) while I do vlogtober. It takes up a lot of my time editing and sorting those vlogs out but I think 5 posts is just enough on here alongside all the other bits I do on here. I'll be doing Sunday-Thursday daily postings around the 5pm mark! Even though this is a bit late and it's the first one >.<