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Pretty much all of us have a handbag glued to our arm or shoulder. I cant think of one of my girlfriends who leave the house without toting around half their life either. A good handbag is a day to day essential that doesnt have to be boring. Today I thought I'd write a little guide on how to pick a new handbag. Picking an everyday bag is no easy feat. Theres a lot of things you need to consider when deciding whats best for your day to day needs! Here are a few tips I picked up along the way!

I’ve just purchased myself a brand new handbag in the form of the above & Other Stories beaut. A little multi functional black number with a geometric cut out. So chic, on trend and goes with pretty much every outfit combination imaginable. It also can be worn as a satchel or as a tote. Dream bag much?

Look for Versatility
If you’re like me and seem to use the same bag religiously until you get a new one then pick something that goes with everything. Black and Brown are pretty standard when it comes to handbags but they do go with everything. TThen again things like metallics, leathers and white also go with any outfit. If black and brown arent your thing then here are lots of fresh and exciting alternatives worth exploring! Pattern and texture is also worth exploring, just keep in mind this is going to be your day to day bag, while their Cath Kitson bag is very cute, it's hardly appropraite for all situations!

Size Matters
Don’t ever over stuff a bag. It can look sloppy and it’s probably not good for your frame! Don’t weigh yourself down either, if you have to carry more things then choose a larger bag! Overstuffing can also damage the life of the bag! While clutches look great they aren’t practical for day to day taks because they aren’t very convieneat. On the other hand there are perfect for when you just need your phone, cash and a credit card! Consider a size that 

Small bags on tall girls will get lost and if you’re on the short side a smaller bag will make you look swamped. Make sure you pick a bag that’s relative to your own size rather than choosing a “on trend” bag. While big handbags are said to make you look slimmer, I think it’s best to choose something that compliments your size rather than exaggerates it. 

Consider the Material
Bags come in loads of material these days including leather, synthetic leather and plastic. An everyday bag should be durable and something that can stand up to daily wear. For me leather is the best choice for a bag. It’s classic, durable and very chic. It’s easy to keep clean for the most part and waterproof if you spray it with a protector spray. Synthetic materials are also easy to keep clean but it’s worth keeping an eye out for ones that don’t have a “cheap, shiny” feel to them as they can look just that… cheap.