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Yeah, as you can tell by the total radio silence on this blog I've somewhat given up on posting recently in favour of doing vlogtober. Mainly as I dont have someone to take my outfit photos currently (always in the market for a new London based photographer, so do get in touch!) and Im honestly just at a loss for what to really post. I promise I'll be back posting in some capacity soon. I did say I was going to try and do Sunday-Thursday but it just didnt work out. I dont think I realised how hard it would be to make a vlog everyday as well as post on two blogs and my main channel. It's just all too much to promote as well and I felt like things just get lost in the shuffle. Constantly tweeting like 20 different links to things just doesnt work. I think I need to condense my online presense to make it a little bit more cohesive

I've still been doing Vlogtober and I've actually only missed one day in the whole 24 days I've been doing it. I upload them on my second channel on Youtube which you should totally subscribe to if you want a daily update on goings on in Lily Land.In the last 10 days since I posted I've seen two bands (The Hold Steady & Death from Above 1979), went to the Xfactor Live shows, stayed in hotels, did a Harry Potter Studio Tour and done a fab walk around Knightsbridge. Blogging and Vlogging at the same time are seriously hard. I totally underestimated myself.

I am sorry if you've been missing my posts (you might not be) and I honestly hope there will be more stuff being shared come next week! Love ya!