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I always think the simplest way to get a super cool outfit is to mix old and new. Create a balance between new things and things you may have had for years or sourced from a thrift/vintage shop.

I don’t always find vintage shopping that easy, Sometimes I don’t like rummaging all that much. None the less I’ve been sporting a few vintage items as of late thanks to a few vintage sales, snooping the rails at Beyond Retro and my local charity shops.

For todays post I thought I’d share some of my top tips on how to shop smart at the thrift shop.

Check Labels
My mum once picked up a real Burberry Trench coat from a local charity shop after it’s owner discarded it. Granted it was about £40 which is “expensive” for a charity shop but HELLO… real Burberry for way less that retail. Always check the labels for designer brands - the 80’s and 90’s are so in right now and a lot of the collections currently out are throwbacks to those eras. Perfect for thrift shop gold.

Avoid basics
No body wants a grotty old second hand plain tee. When vintage shopping always look for key and unique pieces that make a statement. Keep your peepers out for loud prints, stylish embellishments and floral detailing. All of these are on trend and worth looking for when on the prowl for vintage gems.

Old Bag’s
Bags are a great find vintage shopping. All of the high-street at the moment are vintage inspired bags that have been made to look like they are really old. Why not go for a rummage and get something truly vintage! Again check the labels as you never know what you might come across.

The beauty of vintage shopping is that your going to have something no one else will have. The sly smugness when someone asks where and item is from and you get to say “oh it’s vintage” is almost as satirising as telling someone something is from Primark and seeing their shocked expression. Good luck!