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This is something I havn’t done for a long time. A bit of a Sunday Catchup. I don’t know why I ever stopped, there wasn’t really a point I just sort of… stopped? I very rarely talk about my life anymore and I think that really needs to change! Back to some sort of personal post/life catch up on Sundays me thinks! I have a lot to fill you all in on so here’s the lowdown.

001. First up. I went to New York last week for the second time this month. I got back on Tuesday and I’ve been crazy jet lagged ever since. For some weird reason I didn’t take all that many photos while I was away. I do plan on doing a post about New York sometime next week but if you really want the full low down on what I did then I suggest checking my second channel (Lily) and watching the playlist of New York vlogs that I did there!

002. On the subject of vlogs… IM DAILY VLOGGING. I’m doing Vlogtober but I’ve been daily vlogging pretty much consistently for the past two weeks and Im proud I’ve managed to keep it up so long. Like my NYC Vlogs they are all going up on my second channel (Lily). Theres lots of fun stuff and it’s a good way to keep up with the things that I get up to on a day to day basis!

003. My life has come back to reality with a bump. The summer is over and I’m back in London for the foreseeable future. I have itchy feet already and want to travel oh so badly already. My summer of travelling has been unforgettable and I really do need to do a full catch up on all the things I’ve been up to. I feel so blessed to have a blog which means I can live my life and do such wonderful things. Travelling has always been one of those things I was a little scared about up until recently and now all I want to do is be nomadic and just move around!

004. Im currently back training for a 10k run. I’ve said in the past, I’m a keen runner but never really gone further than that. I’ve done a few posts on sportswear and one on running for beginners but it’s something I need to go further with. I haven’t ran properly in months, so I hauled my trainers on a few days ago and decided it was time to get back into a good pace. Although I coughed and spluttered my way through a terrible 5k, Im back to getting where I want to be again. I’ve been saying this for years, but I really want to do a marathon in memory of my friend Joel and with the death of my Grandad a few weeks ago that's also motivated me to want to raise some money for the caseworkers who looked after him in his final days.

005Speaking of my Grandad’s passing and this post I made a couple of weekends back, I was really overwhelmed with the response. I sat there and sobbed my heart out reading peoples replies to some of my intimate thoughts on death and loss. It’s one of the posts I’m most proud of writing. While I wasn’t able to make it to his funeral, but like me he was a keen adventurer and I know he’d want me to visit wherever I could when I had the opportunity. My family are doing okay, Im planning on going back home again soon to see them once my schedule allows. 

006. Regarding this blog, gosh, I don’t know. I really want it to be good again. I want people to care about it and most importantly, I want you all to like it. I keep trying to work out what “wrong” with it, but it just confuses me. I think for the most part I just want to keep doing what I do and posting about things I enjoy and get up to. I feel like because I’ve really got into YouTube recently, despite resisting it for YEARS, my blog has fallen on the wayside! I’ve got tons of ideas for posts and bits and bobs and I just kinda want to make it “me” again. For those who read religiously, thank you so much for coming back to my little corner of the internet and being engaged with what I do. It really does mean the world to me that people still read my silly blog 5 years on! You Da best.

The TLDR of it all is basically, I have loads to fill you guys in on and I don't even really know where to start. I guess this is the first step, but there is still so much to share and I don't like being too cryptic, but next year is going to be even more insane.