what to wear to london fashion week
london fashion week outfit inspiration

So it's London Fashion Week as of tomorrow and I thought I'd pull together a few snaps from the last few seasons I've been. My style is safe and boring and not quite the most inspiring looks you'll see on the cobbles each season. As each year goes on I see peoples style develop and change but one thing about it is obvious. Us Londoners (yeap, I've decided I'm a Londoner) know how to dress!

Deciding what to wear at London Fashion week is the ultimate wardrobe dilemma, but you often see trends come around and around each season. I've been in full blown meltdown the last few days trying to source things for my looks but here are few of my thoughts of what may go down well at the Cobbles this year!

- Neon Beanie:  I swear ever year for as long as I can remember I've seen people sporting Neon beanies. While they look super cool mixed with the sleek monochrome looks that are normally seen at LFW, they are also perfect for the unpredictable weather in the UK. I have a few from American Apparel.

- Monochrome: When in doubt, wear one colour. All white or black ensembles are always hits for the street style greats. It's also the ultimate in lazy dressing and my personal favourite way to put an outfit together. I love all white looks at the moment and I've been rummaging to try and work this into my wardrobe. The struggle to find white trousers that aren't horrendously see through is real.

- Duster Coats: These have been trending since summer and every since last LFW I've had them on my radar in a big way. They just ooze androgynous cool and can be paired with the most girly of outfits or a super masculine one.

- Midi Skirts: It might be a bit of a surprise but this is the basis for a lot of my LFW looks over the next few days! As someone who kinda shy's away from the longer lengths I was surprised how much it worked when I thought about it. Pair a midi with a pair of boots or a girly single strap sandal for a really on trend look.

- Something Crazy: My style doesn't accommodate this particular LFW look. But sometimes people just go all out peacocking at LFW. I've seen people wear full neon outfits (including the lips!) to people wearing crazy heels and worrying for their safety on the cobbles. You can add a little quirk to a look without going too out there! I think the fun shaped clutches that have been on ASOS or New Look recently would be perfect!