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Today I've spent most of the day filming videos for both my Youtube Channels. You can check them out here and here and subscribe if you feel that way inclined. It feels weird to be back home and slowly settling into a routine. I have epic jet lag and just feel tired constantly mixed with feeling hungry at the strangest times. I felt like I could have eaten a whole supermarket at like 4am. Apple slices and mango have been my saviour.

Khaki army skirts and pretty lace skirts aren't really something you'd normally but together. But when I was dreaming up this outfit I had a inkling that it'd work somehow. A lot of the things I wear are a mix and match of something really girly and something a little bit harsher. I quite like androgynous style but I like emphasising the femininity with the toughness not the other way around.

Everything for me right now is in full swing for LFW. All my focus is on sorting shows and other bits I'm doing while there. Ive got a very special interview with someone who Im dying to meet so I cannot wait! Clothing is coming last unfortunately but I think I'm past that stage in my life where I worry about what I wear to LFW. I'm to chubby and gross to ever be street styled so ho hum. Do you think if I wore a onesie to LFW anyone would mind? Yes. Cripes I'm not cut out for the fash pack.