primark bag

Sunday's my favourite day of LFW. I don't know why, it just always feels really different from the other days. It's also the day of Topshop Unique. Which me and Zoe planned on sneaking into with our special set of blagging skills, but when I went to the desk to say my name I was actually already on the list. Despite not being sent an invite! I spoke to the PR girl and I was even on the seating plan list! Gotta love fashion week's lack of organisation! Zoe also managed to blag her way in so it was all good! We sat down and watched the hottest show of the year. I also finally got to see Cara D on the Catwalk. I know it's silly, but I really love her and have always wanted to see her walking!  The collection was kickass! Will share my snaps of this later in the week!

Today I wanted to wear something girly and cute as we were having a little brunch at The W London Hotel. I was staying there for the week because I needed a solid base in the centre of the City and their place is just AMAZING. More on that another time! My dress is from Miss Selfridge which I haven't shopped in for ages! I saw loads of things I really like, but I came out with this little prom style dress. I wanted to edge it up with a check coat and my dog tooth satchel just for a little bit extra something! This is