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Aaaannndd normal posting resumes for a bit! Well sort of It’s been a while huh! I don’t know. I am sorry my blogs been all over the place the last four or so months. Selfishly I’ve enjoy travelling more than blogging, letting my blog slide. Although it's debatable if my content has been fundamentally bad or just different from what I normally talk about. As you're more than aware I’ve been travelling here there and everywhere but my time gallivanting across the world is finally coming to an end. As I write this I’m currently in New York with NEO Adidas and I have another trip to New York coming up and I’m going to Dubai in October but that’s it for a bit… maybe. Who knows.

It’s weird how this year has become a year of travelling. I’d never been away because of my blog before until late last year and it’s somehow sparked it all off. I feel so privileged to have been able to travel so much, it’s been on of my dreams to travel the world and I feel so blessed to be able to do it because of my blog! I do think cripes I’ve messed up by choosing not to blog as much, be more sporadic and all over the place but at the same time as I’ve always said about me… my life comes first. Then again I absolutely LOVE blogging and part of being away was me showing you the things I got up to. Who knows!

On the subject of more frivolous things. Lets do an outfit post! This outfit features one of my favourite dresses I’ve purchased in a very long time. Although now that I've finally got around to posting about it it isnt on the Missguided website.... There is just something about it that I really love. I love the unusual cut, tie waist and the risqué front. I’ve never been one to get my ample boobage out but I do like how it looks here. Missguided have gone from strength to strength over the last few years and their original designs are amongst some of my favourite pieces in my current wardrobe. I don’t love all their stuff, as much as I’ve been purchasing from there recently there is a bunch of stuff I really don’t like that feels and looks really cheap. Regardless. Totally recommend this dress... um if you could buy it still.

So I can’t say I will be back to solid outfit posts going forward. To be honest I don’t think thats even what I want to do on this blog anymore. I am edging towards switching it to even more and doing more travel and lifestyle but who knows. We shall see (: