how to move on with your life

moving on
how to move on in your life

Moving on with things is easier said than done. I think moving on in life comes in stages and over time gets easier, but you do have to make those positive steps towards moving forward. You can’t stay sad about that guy anymore, you can't stay knocked back from not getting your dream job and you can’t keep stressing out over a toxic friendship forever can you?

Step back & Breathe
Breathe. Take a big deep breath and relax. It’s one of the simplest ways to move on. Take a step back and just relax your mind. Taking some time to clear your head is the most important things to help you This could take a few minutes or a few hours to a few days - whatever it takes. Take as long as you need. There's no rush is there?

Let it Go
Delete all those messages, emails and photos that are holding your back. Let go of all the memories that are making you dwell on your negative past. Don’t hold on to things that could potentially make you sad because it can trigger old feelings you want to move away from. The main thing is you need to keep going and stop looking back at the past. You are the most important thing in your life and you have the ability to remove anything that’s unwanted from your mind.

Accept your past. Accept your mistakes. Accept the pain. Remind yourself things are going to be okay and you are strong enough to get through this. Realising that everything happens for a reason and you can't change the past is a really strong war to help you move on. Life isn’t always under our control, just acknowledge it happened and there is nothing you can do about it.

Try Something new
Break out of your day to day routine and find something new to enjoy. Find something new that inspires you or makes you feel like you. Pursue something you’ve never done before and explore places you’ve never been. I promise you the best way to move on is to distract yourself and put yourself in new situations. You might shock yourself how well you adapt to new situations.

Live your life
Life is way too short to dwell on the negatives. Live every moment like it’s your last and do whatever makes YOU happy. You don’t have to go crazy and go off the rails just do the little things that make you feel better. Enjoy time with people you love rather than thinking about what happened before.

It’s taken me over a year to get over an upsetting situation and I did have those helpless moments where I was telling myself I’d never meet someone new and I’d never be happy. But now I’ve moved on and I’ve never been happier. The key to moving on is letting it take time. You aren’t going to wake up tomorrow and your whole attitude on life is going to change. You just have to commit to actually letting yourself move forward. Take those steps forward and begin the journey to improving your own life. I hope this has helped you consider a few things and make you think “yeah, this makes sense" How will you move forward today? 


  1. this was such a nice post, such helpful advice

  2. Everything in this post is so relevant to my life right now! Thanks for the great tips :)

  3. thank you Lily for this, much appreciated and very, very helpful x


  4. Always love your life help posts! The steps you've written are great.
    Reinventing Neesha ♡

  5. Such an inspiring and honest post, thanks so much for sharing x

  6. This post is perfect Lily, so thoughtful and helpful and right x

  7. Lovely post. I tweeted you if you were in NYC cause I saw someone that looked like you and it was you! :( I was scared to bother you for a photo so I just stared while you passed by LOL. It was by Central Park and I was going for the Global Citizen concert. Btw you are SO gorgeous in person!

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  9. Great post! Great advice
    Thanks xx

  10. Fantastic post with great helpful advice.

    Kelly x
    Kelly's Journal

  11. Stay strong Lily we all love everything you do.

    Charlotte x

  12. Love this post, It would have come in handy a year or two ago when I was going through a hard time but I still enjoyed reading it, every point makes sense x

  13. this is such a lovely post. Hope you're well! xx

  14. This helps in a lot of areas in life, thank you <3

  15. Such a nice post! Thank you

  16. Perfect words Lily, this is exactly what I needed to read today


  17. nice post!
    new look on my blog!

  18. I'm currently in very transitional phase in my life, emotionally as well as physically and i feel this is really helpful and well needed post. Thanks Lily, great post x

  19. This is such an amazing post Lily - I'm currently trying to move on from a difficult relationship and am finding it really hard. The "live your life" point is definitely true, I'm finding it nice having a lot more freedom and being able to do what I want when I want to. Stay strong, you're doing amazing.

    Hannah xx


  20. such a great post...very true

  21. Such a lovely post. I saved it to be sure it will always be there when I need a reminder. Such great advices on life, it is so inspiring!

  22. Pretty flowers!

  23. Thank you for these wise words!

  24. I needed this, thankyou Lily.
    xxx hugs from Australia

  25. This is a wonderful and inspiring post, I hope you're doing ok!

    Bramble & Thorn

  26. Brilliant advice - thank you for sharing this, especially when around this time people are looking for new things or starting something our of their comfort zone. Thank you!

    Lauren x
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  27. So cute!! :)

  28. i'm so glad your happy now and we can see it in your videos lily! this post is really helpful to me right now as i'm going through a bad time!

    love katy @ THE RAWRDROBE ♡

  29. This couldn't come at a better time! Thank you :) xx

  30. Amazing post and thank you as always, for the great tips even though they seem like common sense, we always tend to forget to step back and breathe. x

  31. This is just perfect advice Lily and I certainly need it at the moment! Sometimes I just need to be reminded about what life is all about and to not let things get to me so easily. Thank you!



  32. What a lovely article and sound advice! Thank you for sharing.

    average adventures

  33. Great post. I really like reading positive posts that keep you moving forward :3

  34. Such wise words, i love these kinds of posts Lilly!

    Emma at

  35. I was just broken up with out of the blue on the airport right before I had to go home with no chance of actually talking about it... This post will definitely be clicked at several times in the coming ... well weeks at least!

  36. I'm still in the moving on process, a lot of these things have definitely helped me on the way.
    Such a great thing to share with other people who might find it tough.

    Ashley xx

  37. Great to see this written out. It does take time but you do get there. You don't believe it at the time but it all comes together eventually and you realise how far you've come and how much happier you are for it now.

    Great post Lily. xx

  38. I have just mentioned this post on my blog! Thank you for inspiring me
    Love M


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  40. Looking back through your old posts and really enjoyed this one. Great advice Lily and exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you <3

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