lazy oaf pizza necklace pizza necklace
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I love Pizza, but unfortunately Pizza doesn't love me.  Why does it have to be so calorie laden. Why has no one invented actual low calorie pizza that doesnt taste like rubbish! It's not fair is it?

Today this awesome pizza slice necklace came to my door thanks to the lovely people over at one of my favourite brands - Lazy Oaf. Lazy Oaf are well known for their quirky and unique take on fashion, bold prints and fun shapes. I didnt know they did jewellery so was pumped when I spotted this little silver necklace within my package. Dainty, quirky and a little bit different from your average neck peice this is quickly rising as one of my favourite necklaces.

Perfect gift the pizza lover in your life or a distraction gift to yourself to make you less likely to chow down on the cheesey stuff. Who am I kidding? Pizza rules.