contiki asian adventure travelling with contiki

So I’ve told a few people, but somehow managed to keep it fairly hush hush in the online world! As someone who is a bit of a blabber mouth I’m surprised I’ve kept it quiet for as long as I have. It’s a pretty big deal for me so… As of today I’m off on a 14 day Asian Adventure! Yeap - This social media addict, pampered princess fashion blogger is going travelling.

Im off on a once in a lifetime adventure around Thailand, Cambodia and Laos with the 18 to 35 of travelling tour companies - Contiki. The opportunity arose and I bit the bullet and just went for it. I explain a little more about my reasoning behind this in a post I have scheduled but yeah. I’m going travelling. AS I said I’m going to be in the safe hands of the Contiki guys so I have high hopes. Im a bit terrified as I've never been on a plane on my own let alone going to a whole new continent solo. But... I feel like I’ll be alright!

I have some how managed to organise myself and have get a bunch of posts scheduled to cover me for the time I’m away, although I havent quite managed to do that for my Youtube Channel so I'm sorry I'll be away from that. When I get back Im sure I’ll be posting SO many photos of my trip. Snap happy MLRS is bound to come out.

I am taking a laptop with me (not my Macbook may I add) so I may update with a few photos or maybe a update after a week just so you’ll know that I’m actually alive still. For real time updates I’m sure I’ll be tweeting away (follow me here) and Instagramming all my travels (follow me here). You can take the girl away from the blog but I just can get away from social media.

This was all a bit of a last minute thing and I only got confirmation on Thursday. And Im flying today... which I didnt actually realise at all. So I'm supposed to be flying... well now because wires were crossed I totally didnt realise my flight was today. So THANKFULLY we've moved it and flying at 9pm which is good but has also thrown me into a state of panic. Im supposed to be at Summer in the City but obviously I cant go as I need to panic pack. I feel so awful for not being able to make it but I honestly thought I was going on Monday! Sometimes my life is a little crazy but damn… it’s exciting.