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Last weekend me and Stu decided to go to Brighton for the day. It was sunny, we were bored so just decided to head down. Londoners-  It's £10 off peak return from London Bridge and takes about a hour and is so worth it. Stepping of the train we were greeted with a ton of visitors - It was a gloriously sunny day after all!

We were both starving so headed to The Coal Shed for burgers which was recommended to us by people on Twitter. The burger was delicious, thick and so gooey. Stu said it was one of the best burgers he's ever had. I really enjoyed mine but it wasnt cooked enough for me so I was a little paranoid! In hind sight I should have just asked for it to be cooked more. But I was so hungry I ate it anyway! The Mac and Cheese was spot on and the Onion rings we're super fluffy and not greasy at all.

Out bellys full, We strolled a long the seafront and around the Lanes and then obviously took up residence in the arcade machines. In some weird twist of fate I won like 3000 tickets and ended up getting a Lego Storage Head, a couple of mugs and a few seasidey bits and bobs. I didn't really think through the logistics of getting such a large prize so looked like a proper mug carrying it around all day!

Out trip was short and sweet and we were back in London by 7! I think Im going to move to Brighton in the next few years. Im not quite done with London yet but I do think Brighton is a much nicer place to settle down. Theres something about the sea air that I really adore. It just makes you feel alive!