Eylure Starter Kit review swatch photo

Eylure Starter Kit review swatch photo

Applying eyelashes isn’t all that easy is it? Those girls on Youtube make it look so easy? Admittedly I’ve become pretty good at applying them but I know for the majority of gals out there applying lashes is a major stress.

In comes the Eylure Starter Kit - perfect for beginners. The Eylure 101's (see my original review here!) are one of my favourite eyelashes as they are short, full but really open up the eye with some subtle volume. The kit also contains a practice lash which is perfect if you need some time to get to grips with application. With a little help from the Lash Applicator, it makes application super easy. Plus it isn't as daunting as waving a pair of tweezers near your eyeballs.

My top tip with eyelashes is to wait for the glue to dry a little before going in and applying it. When it’s tackier it sticks better and you’ll find it a whole lot easier to place. What I like to do is place the lash in the middle and then user the applicator to place the inner and outer corner.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to applying eyelashes so keep at it and practice as much as you can!


EYLURE STARTER KIT review swatch