wireless day twowireless day two

office boots*
bershka bag *
topshop hat

Before I share one of the greatest gigs I've ever been I thought I'd show you the snaps from Day Two at Wireless. I really really wanted to see Drake. Like SO Badly. He was actually ill and ended up pulling out so he was replaed by... Kanye. Uh.  We only managed to catch Wiz and Kanye as we rocked up pretty late due to the bad weather. It was so up and down all day it was such a shame! We decided to leave early because Kanye was just a joke. I love Kanye, I love his music but as person he just doesn't paint himself in the best picture. So many people were leaving around us and we decided to beat the rush and head home also. It's a shame he feels the need to do the whole rant thing as I think it just makes people have a even more negative image of him. He played the same set and ranted in exactly the same place as he'd done before. It was annoying and really just made me annoyed and frustrated.

For my outfit I looked like I evolved into Caroline Flack. shorts and a tee and blazer. Except she's literally half the size of me. I love this eye tshirt and I've been wearing it a lot recently. Its hard to wear sometimes though as it's too long for jeans and a little too short for trousers. I wore shorts here just to hide everything though!

I ended up going to Sonisphere on Sunday which I'll talk about tomorrow. Now that was a complete contrast to my two days at Wireless!