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These are my last snaps from my trip to Benicassim with New Look. I was actually there for another day but I forgot to charge my camera on the forth day so I couldn’t take photos. I do have a vlog thats is either going up tonight or tomorrow. I haven’t quite settled as to when.

I could have posted about 20000 photos that I took of the Libertines but for you guys sake I decided not to! Once again I really enjoyed seeing The Libs but I do think its probably because I am a fan rather than them being genuinely good. Carl was totally out of it… and between you and me Pete even changed the words from “What A Waster” to "Where does all the money go, where does all the money go straight up HIS nose” and pointed at Carl. Just sayin’. I have some stories I could tell y’all about Carl but I don’t think some of my friends would be happy if I shared them.

So, Im back in the UK for a couple of full weeks before going on holiday and then to New York so I have plenty of time to keep up on the blogging world again. I genuinely feel so disconnected right now, but thats probably more my fault than anyone else’s. If there is anything specific you want to see on this blog or on my Youtube Channel then do leave them in comments or let me know! Thanks for putting up with me and my sporadic self indulgent lifestyle posts recently. I can do more of that if you want to go back to outfits. Either way I’m open for anything!