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So another day at Optimus Alive reporting for Bank Fashion! I was lucky enough to win the opportunity to go to three euro festivals to report for the fashion brand as part of their Destination Unknown campaign. This day was SO WINDY, I literally was covered in dust and sand for most of the day and my dress by the end of the night was in pretty much tatters. I was also surprisingly cold despite the weather being absolutely on point for most of my time in Portugal. Dal was getting sick of me shoving a camera in our face and we both had a bit of end of holiday blues.

We saw Bastille (not a fan, but they have lots of wheyyyy eh oh ehoh’s) and Foster The People (lead singer is hot stuff, although on reflection he looked a bit like Dapper Laughs) I decided to have a cone of the most delicious fries I’ve ever tasted, I have no idea what the sauce was but it was all kinds of incredible. 

The main reason I was SUPER exited about this day was seeing The Libertines. The Libertines are one of my favourite band of all time and although I was very VERY sceptical about them when I heard that they were reforming to play some shows… I think the inner music snob was coming out… I was really really excited. I realised that when I was at Kanye West on the Second Day of Wireless I’d made a huge mistake and gone to the wrong thing. Seeing The Libertines just felt right.

The thing I’ve always liked about The Libertines is that anything can go wrong at any time. It was weird as it didn’t feel like that, it felt chaotic but not volatile - which as a huge fan I couldn’t work out of that was a good thing or not. So many people have asked me if I thought that they were good or not and I can’t honestly say. I loved them, every single second they were on stage I cried and sobbed and wailed and dreamed of Albion. It was everything I didn’t really know I needed to see but wanted to see all along. I don’t know if they were actually good or i just wanted them to be good so badly I thought they were. I had the pleasure of seeing The Libertines when they were The Libertines and maybe it wasn’t the same but it still meant so much to me. I realised during the show that The Libertines mean to me what One Direction means to others. Just everything about them excites me and I fangirled and cried till I couldn’t cope anymore.

I loved Optimus Alive for the vibe and the whole festival. The music line up was a bit hit and miss and I didn’t feel like their was enough “recognisable" smaller bands on the bill. Typically when I go to festivals there are a fair few small bands I wanted to check out but I was a bit indifferent. I would recommend Optimus Alive if you wanted a nice chilled out festival but also a holiday at the same time. Im glad we decided to stay in a hotel and explore a little rather than camp as it just made the trip even better.

Im actually off to Benicassim (so yup, seeing The Libertines again!) this weekend so yes… MORE FESTIVAL POSTS. Im sorry if you don’t enjoy them, I realised that from someone who wasn’t there it might be a bit boring to read about. I’ve got a far few weeks off until they start up again, even though I am going on Holiday and New York soon so I hope to get some “normal” and varied content back soon rather than just snaps of me and Dal on our jollies.

I went to Optimus Alive as a guest of Bank Fashion as part of Destination Unknown


  1. I didn't feel like trying the fries because thay had a queue up to the Clubbing Stage, so now that you said they were the best fries you ever tasted I feel like I didn't enjoy the festival to its maximum :( haha
    I didn't actually know The Libertines, but while I was waiting for a friend by the right side of the Main Stage, I saw them for a good half an hour, and I enjoyed it, I should probably check them out
    Regarding your previous post, I actually enjoyed MGMT (I thought they would be worse ahah) and for the record The Black Keys too (they were awesome!!), it was the first time I've ever seen them both live, I was soooo excited :D
    I also really liked the Temples' show, I'm a fairly new fan ^^

  2. Looks fabulous! I bet The Libertines were so, so good live!
    Gorgeous outfit, as always - especially the boots :D

    Style Sunrise


  3. I love your dress sooo much! I loved reading this post, especially the bit about The Libertines and what they mean to you!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  4. you just look so happy.


  5. Love the dress you wore and it's sick you got to see a fave band ! I think it's great all the festival posts as it's a great show of your varied opportunities as a blogger. Can't wait for some NYC posts it's an amazing place
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography - www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  6. So glad you loved Portugal and the festival :)
    It was so nice to meet you there. I honestly was looking for you everywhere, like a stalker. And then I looked to my left and there you were. I was so happy to see you that I forgot to ask for a photo. Oh well, next time.

  7. awesome pics!

  8. you're so cute, and I love your style. I wish the Libertines would come to Australia :)

  9. Im loving these lifestyle posts and these pictures are beautiful x


  10. I just adore your dress from the top picture Lily, sounds like you had an awesome time x


  11. Looks so amazing! I love the dress your wearing in your pictures x

    Gegsy Blog

  12. I am exactly the same when it comes to The Libertines. I'm seeing them in September and even the thought of seeing Pete and Carl together is making me emotional! I know I'm going to be a wreck!



  13. Awwh there's the Maltese flag in the pic you took :D! It's the one that's half white and red with the cross on it!

  14. Wow ! It seems like such an amazing time ! Love the photos !


  15. Ahh The Libertines! Looks like such a fun day, I wish I was there!

    Hayley-Eszti | www.hayleyeszti.blogspot.com

  16. I will never stop fangirling over the Libs, they were/are the best. I always liked the volatile aspect, but I think too much of it at this point would be slightly pathetic, like they're trying to be a band that they aren't anymore. Did they play you're my Waterloo?

  17. awesome!

  18. That dress is everything. Looks like you had a blast...could really go for a beer right now!!


  19. Your hair looks amazing in these photos :)


  20. Oh my GOD those chips look unreal x x

  21. Beautiful pictures, looks like you had a lot (!!) of fun. :)
    Have a nice weekend,

  22. So jealous! x

  23. Nice dress!

    Watermelon Bag-la borsa a forma di anguria on lb-lc fashion blog

  24. Hey guys it would mean a lot to me if you could take a look at my blog and give some feedback, I'm new to this but I've been trying to get a post up every day - some quite personal, some just general.

    Lily, I adore your blog and I really look up to you and hope I can become as successful as yourself.

    Thanks! http://kirstiesscrapblog.blogspot.co.uk/


  25. Optimus Prime sounds like so much fun (and reminds me a little of Transformers?) I want to make it my goal to go to a festival in another country next year as I think it would be so much fun!
    Daniella x


  26. Amazing photos as always! It looks like you had an amazing day despite the windy weather, and I love reading your festival reviews even if they make me slightly jealous that I'm not there! Em x

    Pickles & Pinafores // UK Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  27. Nice cutouts! I think they manage to me cool and different and still a little sexy while also being a little classy! and edgy cause lets just drop every adjective we can, why not?

    Magee / Mageeski.blogspot.com

  28. Like these wonderful pictures.

  29. I LOVE the dress with the cute cut out details on the side! So cute.

    So lucky you got to see the libertines, I've been dying to see them for ages. They're not touring ANYWHERE near me! Super sad face!! :(



  30. Dear, randomly found your blog and I’d like to say that you have amazing design, beautiful photos and interesting posts! I’m also impressed by your style! Everything is magnificent!

    would you like to follow each other?
    will be happy to see you in my blog)


  31. You two have amazing style, love your dress x


  32. Looks like you're having a fab time. I'm not much of a festival goer (my favourite part is always the food huts ha) but I went to beni a few years ago and it was SO GREAT. You'll have a blast.

    Georgina at FOX ON THE HUNT

  33. So freaking summery! We are having another super rainy summer here in Iceland and I am super jealous of your nice weather, awesome photos and amazing music!



  34. Loved this post Lily. Totally understand all of your Libertine feeeeeels. I saw them at Hyde Park a few weekends back and it was insane. So jealous of you jetting around to all these festivals just lately xx

    Lauren | What Lauren Says

  35. You look absolutely stunning Lily! I adore your dress!
    Sounds like a very entertaining festival as well :)

  36. Love posts with many photographs and it looks like you had a lovely time! The photographs are awesome, by the way x

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  38. I saw The Libertines at Hyde Park and I completely understand what you’re saying! Seeing Carl and Pete on a stage together again was so surreal and the fact you could tell they were so happy to be on the stage together again made it even better. I spent most of it crying with happiness as well, I don't think I could ever have emotionally prepared myself for the return of the likely lads :)

  39. Gorgeous! Lovely outfit, i really lobe this event and this place are so Beautiful cant wait to see whats next.

  40. Love the all black outfit- we usually see so many colourful outfits at festivals- but you have proved black can be just as successful! Very fitting for the Libertines- looks like you had fun! Charlotte X

  41. Can't believe how in love I am with your dress, I love the cut out motif on the sides, it really flatters you :) xxx


  42. wow!!
    this events looks amazing!

  43. Lily, about Portugal, specially Lisbon, you must really come back! It's one of the most interesting European countries, history and culture wise and (I'm from the north of Portugal, and there's a big north-south rivalry, so the fact that I'm saying this means a lot) Lisbon is the rightful capital of Portugal, because it conjugates so well the traditional with the modern. But you should totally stop by Porto for a visit, as well! And maybe Algarve, if you enjoy the beach.
    About the festival itself, Optimus Alive, as far as I can tell from your musical tastes, at least that I know of, maybe it's not really the right Portuguese festival for you. I think you'd appreciate even more, for instance, Super Bock Super Rock (http://superbock.pt/sbsr/pt/site.aspx) or Vodafone Paredes de Coura (http://www.paredesdecoura.com/festival), so if you're in a festival vibe next time, give those a try.
    Loved the post and your outfit was gorgeous!


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