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shot by Ray Roberts & seb drewett
ASSISTED by Kato Murphy

A few weeks ago I was asked to be the host for the Fashion Happy Film Competition which is a collab between Westfield and London Live. I went down to London College of Fashion and got to interview a bunch of fashion students about what made them Fashion Happy. It's so interesting talking to people who actually study fashion as they have a really unique and challenging interpretation of what fashion is. It's going to be on London Live at some point and Im super excited to see the outcome of it. Who'd have thought I'd be on TV eh.

The Fashion Happy Film competition is a short film competition in which budding film makers, youtubers or anyone who has access to a camera can come together and show what makes them fashion happy. You're free to take the expression Fashion Happy however you like - Whatever inspires you, fashion trends you like, things that influence you or what gives you the confidence to be fashion happy. It's really free! All you need to do is make a film between 90 seconds and 5 minutes long and enter via the London Live site.

So from there my brain got ticking and I wanted to make my own Fashion Film. I asked my friend Ray who is an awesome film maker if we could put something together to go with the competition. I wanted to inspire others to enter as well as fulfil a little dream of mine to make some sort of fashion film and just push things in a different direction. So armed with some cameras - Ray, Seb and Kato wandered the streets of London in the search of inspiration. Above is the outcome of our stroll and some of the things we found a long the way. The pugs were an unexpected but welcome touch! Please watch above and let me know what you think - I'm really proud of this one!

Enter the Fashion Happy Film Competition here