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Oh. So I lied in yesterdays post saying that was all the photos I got from Beni. I thought I’d lost the memory card with these photos on while I was in Benicassim but they’ve just turned up in my toiletries bag. God bless my terrible packing skills. This was the day I slunk off to see Albert Hammond Jr. After meeting him on the plane and then going off to see him on my own I did worry he may think I was stalking him. He was really good though and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing him again. Also this day there was an epic rain storm during the evening and we all got soaked. I didn’t manage to capture any snaps of the actual thunder but it was insane. I’ve honestly never seen such bad weather at a festival even in the UK. Luckily it only lasted about a hour but by then we were all soaked and miserable! We headed back to Castellon where we were staying and ended up going for a few drinks in a local bar!

I uploaded my Benicassim vlog as well which is up on my channel. I absolutely love how this came together as I was really worried I didn't have enough footage as like I said a lot of my footage was on that lost memory card. None the less please check it out and give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it!