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Today I sat down to write some ideas for upcoming posts. Bloggers block is the bane of any seasoned bloggers life and it's something that I think new bloggers struggle with too. Deciding what to actually write about and finding a starting point to spark ideas off can be a challenge but I thought I'd share a list of 20 blog post ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

1. Take a photo for every hour your awake that day and share your life in photos.
2. Visiting somewhere new? Type up a travel guide of the places you ate, visited and would recommend!
3. Share your favourite iPhone Apps - From the best Instagram editing tools to the latest addictive games.
4. Create a how to guide of one of your unique skills! Teach your readers something new and interesting.
5. Share your work space. Desk essentials - snacks n'all.
6. Talk about your blogging process - from planning the post to photography to pressing publish.
7. If your a lover of thrift - share your money saving tips or best ways to shop without spending a fortune!
8. Write an advice column on something to do with the industry you work in.
9. Collect your favourite style inspiration photos of the moment and research
10. Bit of an amateur makeup artist? Share your holy grail beauty products!
11. Tell us about an experience that made an impact on your life.
12. Write about your favourite wardrobe staples and how you'd style them in different situations.
13. Movie buff? Talk through a selection of your favourite movies - I'm always looking for something new to watch.
14. Bake something according to your Granny's secret recipe and share the results.
15. Review the book's you've read recently and if you'd recommend them.
16. Share your ultimate playlist at the moment. Use Spotify embed to create a playlist within a blog post.
17. Tour and photograph your local area. Snap all the hidden gems and the best places to go!
18. Talk about your dreams and goals in life. No matter how big or small.
19. Create a series of before and after DIY's with step my steps along the way.
20. Share your favourite blog posts from the last month in a round up post. Share the Love & maybe get some back!