should I give up blogging
Why you should keep blogging

Real talk. I almost gave up blogging last year. I was very ill for the majority of last year and battled through a lot of personal demons. In online terms I had what I called my blogging mid life crisis. I didnt want to be “LLYMLRS” anymore. In part as a person I didn’t feel like Lily Melrose anymore. My online life and real life were two different things. I was just this pixel person who dropped the vowels in her name. I was overwhelmed by life and my blog got pushed to the side. I can’t tell you how man times I sat there thinking why was my traffic dropping? Why was I not getting comments anymore? Had I lost it? Should I just give up?

One thing I get asked or told about is how people give up blogging or are thinking about giving it up. During my downtime as an online personality I noticed one thing. I wasn’t putting any effort so why was I expecting stuff in return? If I wasn’t doing anything creative, interesting and engaging why was I expecting things to come to me. Put simply if I wasn’t putting anything into my into my blog so nothing was happening. 

As soon as you take time off blogging thats when momentum starts to slow down. Thats when it’s harder to get back into the swing of things because engagement has gone down and your already feeling a little demotivated. While I do genuinely feel bad when I don’t post, I blogged every single day for about 2 years to make my blog the success it’s became. I worked my ass off rushing home from university, a full time job and a busy social life to work on my blog and my content. Then from that it eventually evolved into me having a wonderful career as a full time blogger. Me pushing myself out there online helped me reach my goals. While I never started out wanting to be a full time blogger, I’d be lying if a part of me was thinking “What if”? 

So my advice is the more of yourself I put out into the community, if thats by posting more, tweeting more and replying to emails (which even after 5 years I’m terrible at!) the more you will get back in return. You should always give without expectations. Every positive action has a consequence. 

Blog because you love it. Because it inspires you. Because it helps you grow as a person. Blog because it makes you happy or because your helping others. Blog with consistency and passion and most of all just do it! It’s such a cool thing to be a part of. It may take practice, loads of perseverance and a hell of a lot of time to hit your personal goals. But just don’t stop.