vertical tragus

Excuse the Insta-snaps post but I thought I’d do a quick Sunday update post as I’ve been all over the place this weekend! I went up to Manchester yesterday with Tigi to learn more about Bedhead by Tigi and soak up some atmosphere. However on the way up there was torrential rain and the whole festival was a complete wash out. More on that another time!

Today I travelled back and headed up to Camden to get some new piercing. I’ve been umming and aaahhing over getting some new piercings and in typical me style I didn’t want something everyone had. I had waned to get my chest microdermals redone as I’ve recently had them all removed (apart from one) and a vertical tragus and a few lobe ones. After talking to my piercer (I went to Cold Steel on Camden High Street) I decided to just get the vertical tragus as I didnt want to put too much metal in my body at once. Especially when they are likely to reject - most surface piercing's do.

So obviously the bit that everyone wants to know. Did it hurt? I’ve had a surface piercing before so knew what to expect. Despite that this one was actually the least painful of all the ones I’ve ever had (and trust me, I’ve had a lot). In terms of my piercings my most painful was my rook and then my nose. Despite EVERYONE asking me - no my microdermals didn't hurt that much. Obviously they hurt as much as someone punching out your skin and putting something in there but they really aren't that bad. It was over in seconds, and she just clamped my ear (which I normally find the most painful) and then pierced me before I knew what happened it was done. I then just got two other piercing on my lobe so I now have three holes and then a stretched hole from when I wore tunnels.

Im going to get some new jewellery for my other lobe piercing and get some plugs just to even out the way my ear looks as I used to have stretched ears. But other than that I'm very happy with them. I dont have much swelling or pain at the moment which is good, but we'll see. I'll keep you updated.