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Yesterday at One Direction was absolutely insane. Literally one of those things that overwhelmed me. In fact I cried a little bit about how happy so many people in that arena were. It was the first time I really connected with One Direction fans on a personal level as I feel a lot of people (me included) brush them off as a bunch of obsessives. Like, I love music but I’ve never had such as strong connection with a little bit of music as some of the girls (and guys… and mums and dads) had with a band like those people have with One Direction. For the first time I actually got it. I’ll post more about it over the next few days including my vlog I filmed!

Today me, Zoe and Victoria had a lazy day wandering around Manchester, having breakfast at this place called Moose Coffee and just generally chatting. Victoria is absolutely lovely and a total babe - you have to check her out if you’re not familiar with her! I didn’t really pack many clothes so I threw on my classic White Pepper Dress and my new favourite shoes from Boohoo. I’m also wearing a backpack from Urban Outfitters which is a strange but welcome addition to my wardrobe as I never thought I’d pull one off! I do love it to bits though!

Im exhausted mentally and physically and Im just like super overwhelmed with life right now. Im supposed to be having next week “off” before my summer of madness begins, but I still have so much to do. Im pretty much away every weekend going forward for the next three months including a ton of other bits and bobs during the week. I love the summer as its the time I get to do all the things I love to do - see music and travel. I’m feeling very blessed about the opportunities I’ve had in my life since starting my journey as a blogger. Life is strange and amazing all at the same time.