best instant tans

It’s that time of year again where my legs come out and the tan goes on. I thought it was about time that I rounded up my favourite last minute bronzing tool kit. I love instant tans, but there are an awful lot out there that aren’t all that good. I like ones that are quick, immediate and actually lasts! Today I’ll be giving you the rundown of my favourite leg pick me ups that actually work!

This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle

This instant tanner is a tinted moisturiser come leg tint which is literally magic for the legs. The colour is natural and light and simply adds a touch of colour. You won't look tanned as such, but it does make you legs have a little bit of colour, evens out the skin tone and smoothes the skin. It's subtle and doesn't feel like you're going overboard. Another benefit of this leg perfector is that it doubles as a skin treatment, it contains vitamin c serum which smooths and enhances the legs. A little pricey but this is a real wonder product that does what it says on the tin!

St Tropez Instant Tan Wash Off Medium/Dark

A "no streaks” lotion that glides onto the skin to give a natural, golden tan that lasts for up to 24 hours. It doesn’t smudge, fade or run and can be easily removed with soap and warm water.The main selling point for this I feel is that it's fast, instant colour. A lot of the instant self tanners from the drugstore (I’m looking at you Rimmel Sun Shimmer) run at the first sign of moisture and this one stays put. Espeically on nights where your friends just HAVE to spill their entire drink down you! Unlike some instant tans it also doesn't stain my clothing or my sheets. Plus its the ideal lazy girls instant tan!

He-Shi Rapid 1Hour Liquid Tan

Now this one takes a little longer to use than the other two tans in this list. The He-Shi Rapid 1Hour Liquid tan is unlike any tan I’ve used in the past. It’s a really liquid self tanner which I found hard to apply at first but as soon as I got my technique down I realised I could live without it. It gives instant colour but when left for an hour it gives an incredible bronzed glow. The longer you leave it the darker it becomes. This tan would be great before nights out because you can bronze your whole body and it be a good colour ready to wash off before you leave. No fake tan smells or anything! I have the medium/dark shade which is actually VERY dark so be careful when applying as you can over apply and look a little tangoed.


This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle review swatch
This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle  £37
St Tropez Instant Tan Wash Off Medium/Dark review swatch
St Tropez Instant Tan Wash Off Medium/Dark £10
He-Shi Rapid 1Hour Liquid Tan review swatch
He-Shi Rapid 1Hour Liquid Tan  £22.50