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day two
motel palm print dress*
asos flowers

day three
zara dress
river island hat*
urban outfitters backpack*
vagabond boots

So this is a mix of day two and three at Southside Festival for Bank Fashion. I had my camera taken off me for the second day so I dont have any snaps really to share from that day. I did wear a Motel Dress and Noisey May gilet and some flowers in my hair. This day was one of the hottest of the three we were there so we downed so much water and had so many iced lollies in an attempt to keep somewhat cool!

So on the Saturday we watched a few bands. All of the bands were ones I'd seen before but was fun seeing them again. Bombay Bicycle club are a nostalgic band for me as my boyfriend from years ago played shows with them back in the day. (hands up if you've followed me that long you remember him!). It's always fun seeing how many bands I used to know have come over the years. They are really great even though they didnt really play much of their old stuff which I personally prefer to the newer bits. Saturday we also saw Flogging Molly who are one of my favourite "festival" bands. They just have such a fun energy and bring the proper irish punk type thing to the table. You cant help but dance to "Drunken Lullabies". Another highlight was seeing The Kooks. Such an old school band as I remember buying their first album from Woolworths and playing it to death (gee showing my age eh). However they were really goood and I enjoyed their new single which was surprisingly good. Arcade Fire also played and they are another band I really love seeing live. Their stage shows are always on point and it's rare to see a band like that put so much effort into having a good show. There was everything from a LCD head, strange dancing figures and man in a mirrored suit. I think Arcade Fire are really underrated as a band - check out their The Suburbs album if you havent heard them before. It's bloomin' awesome. Oh and we also saw Macklemore... who was really bad. I enjoyed him last year at Wireless but this time... not so much.

Sunday we saw one of my favourites - Deaf Havana. They played so good but you could tell they were uber pissed off with the festival in general. Their sign was spelt wrong on stage and James did have a little kick off at that. It's just disrespectful y'know! They are such great guys too was just shitty seeing them in that situation. None the less they played really well and I sung my heart out. I was already gutted about missing Dillinger Escape Plan so I was feeling a bit bummed after all that. A few hours and some festival food later we tottered over to see the Wombats. Again another band which I have memories with. Again I uttered the words "I cant believe its 2014 and Im still enjoying seeing the Wombats". They are just peppy indie disco that you cant help but move your feet too. Then we saw Pixies (awesome), Dropkick Murphy's (an experience to say the least), Interpol (indifferent) and Bad Religion. Bad Religion are such an iconic band I just had to see them. Although it's weird seeing a "old man" to quote Dal singing songs like that. Im so glad we did it though as like I said, they are iconic! Finally out last festival band was Bring Me the Horizon. Now me and Oli had beef years ago (woo dirty laundry) but as I've said before seeing bands you used to know do well is really awesome. He had the crowd going insane over them. Calling for walls of deaths and circle pits too me right back to my youth. While I dont really like metalcore anymore they are one of those kinda bands you have to see to kinda get. I think even Dal was converted!

So yeah that was my Southside Festival Experience! I loved every second of it and made so many hilarious memories. I love festivals because there is always a story to tell and something outrageous always happens. Things like people wearing boxes of juice like they were the new fashion accessory of the moment, to the naked man doing a bungee jump to a man throwing confetti. I love festivals and I think I've finally slipped into summer mode! Big thanks to Bank for sending me out their and I can wait for my next Destination Unknown experience!

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Disclosure - I won a competition to report for Bank at 3 European Festivals