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So you may or may not know but I went to Southside Festival in Germany over the weekend as a reporter for Bank Fashion. I won their Destination Unknown competition (my entry here) so my job is to cover the festivals for them. I was so pleased to win and find out the festivals that I'd be going to! Southside is a Festival in south Germany in a little place called Tuttlingen and it's a sort of rock, dancey mix type of festival.

So obviously early Friday morning Me and Dal were flown over to experience our first “proper” euro festival, camping stylee. I haven't camped at a festival since about 2008 so was a strange experience but one that's always a giggle. Wet wipes and dry shampoo at the ready. The weather was insane, so warm and super toasty in the day - although it was FREEZING at night and I was so glad I bought my joggers with me!

I had planned to vlog this weekend but taking my camera into festivals is always dodgy. I did have press or backstage either so it's not like I could blag having my SLR. I actually got it taken off me the second day so we have no photos of that day either. Instead heres my snaps from the first day and a review of some of the bands we saw on the Friday at Southside Festival....

First up we saw Twin Atlantic. It’s been years since I saw these guys so was cool to see them at a euro festival and draw a pretty big crowd for the first act of a festival. I’m not a fan but Dal really likes London Grammar so we went to see them. I wasn’t wowed - I just don’t think they are a festival band. Just a little too slow and melodic and I don’t think their singer’s voice was right. She seemed to be struggling through a lot of the songs. Metronomy were another band Dal picked to see - I was pleasantly surprised with these guys. I absolutely loved their super groovy tunes - kinda low fi in a electronic kinda way.

White Lies are one of my bands of the summer and they didn’t disappoint at all. Was great to finally see them play live even though they’ve been around for what feels like forever. Check ‘em out if you like post punk style stuff. We also saw Franz Ferdinand which was really good although It’s bee years since their good stuff came out. None the less they are a great indie pop band to dance to. They were super popular as well over there, they drew a HUGE crowd which really surprised me. Although they weren’t the first band from “my past” to draw huge crowds and pleasantly surprise me after not seeing them for years.

Then to finish the day off we say The Black Keys - I’ve seen them before a few years ago and at the time didn’t think much of them. However they really have come into their own recently and their new album is insane. I highly recommend checking them out. They are a proper modern rock n’roll band with so much energy in that really authentic kinda way. Kinda guitar-bluesy type feel if you into that kinda stuff. Highly recommend trying to catch them at a festival this season as they are playing loads.

Overall Southside was hilarious and we had so much fun. Was so nice to go to a festival and enjoy the music. Admittedly It’s the first festival I‘ve been to this summer thats been my “taste”. While I like most music styles and really open to anything I’m definitely a indie/punk/rock’nroll type girl. It’s my jam.

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Disclosure - I won a competition to report for Bank at 3 European Festivals