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I have such a backlog of posts at the moment! But finally here is my outfit that I wore when I went to see One Direction a couple of weekends ago. I went with tailored trousers, a cropped jumper and some monster heels. The shoes are absolutely insane and higher than any other pair of shoes I’ve probably worn in my whole life but for some reason I insisted on wearing them. I didn’t find them too heavy or hard to walk in at a lll which was pleasantly surprising. They could do with being a good 2-3 inches smaller in height but I get why they were made like that. Although anyone over say 5’4 should probably think twice about them.

I talk about my One Direction experience in this video I made for my second channel if you wanted to see me talk candidly about the experience and some of my views on fan culture within the One Direction world as well as other fandoms. If you can’t be bothered to watch it then I just explain that while I do feel that fan culture can be destructive there is an awfully overwhelming positive side of people coming together because they all like the same thing. Some of the faces I saw that night were unlike anything I’ve seen before at any gig I’ve ever attended. People lit up and glowed with joy and happiness and you could clearly see it was some of the crowd members best day ever. It was really touching to see. 

I’ve also included my blog from the evening and it’s the opening episode to my new series - creatively called “I CANT VLOG”. A series in which I attempt to blog but don’t quite manage to make a good one. Thank goodness I’ve been learning how to edit well so I can put together all the rubbish that I film! Hopefully we’ll see an improvement in my camera skills over the next few weeks time. Enjoy!