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Style isn’t something you have or you don’t. It’s personal and something totally unique to you. You’re the one who defines what you like and don’t like and while as much as fashion magazines try to force things on us - we are the ones who get to define our personal looks.

I never dwell on if I’m “fashionable” or not. My style is very much about me and what I like at a certain period of time. I’ve been posting my daily outfits on the internet for the past five years now. GAH HAS IT REALLY BEEN THAT LONG. Here’s what I wore four years ago, three years ago, two years ago, one year ago and the most recent one and as you can see style changes.

As I said style is something you choose yourself. I think style generally comes down to confidence in yourself and being able to pick out what you do and don’t like. But I do feel thats a whole new topic all together which I plan on touching on another time. But for now I thought I’d share a few tips to nudge you in the right direction of defining your own personal style.

1. Collate.

I’m not talking about pintresting… pinning. Can you tell Im not hugely into Pinterest? But literally save as many images, clippings, screen caps or photos of things that inspire you. Think magazines, clothes you like in store, instagrams, people on the street. Well maybe not people on the street but you get my drift. My housemate has a folder on her phone with screen caps of items she likes and clothes that inspires her. This way she has a visual record of things to look out for or refer back to when shes shopping. Having a visual moodboard of style ideas will help inspire you develop your own.

2. Experiment.

Sometimes I like to go into shops and pull a pile of clothes I like and just go try them on. I don’t know why people find the idea of trying loads of stuff on and not keeping anything a bit daunting. Working in retail it never bothered me if people kept everything or just one item they’d tried on. It just annoyed me when people didnt put things back on the hangers properly! Don’t feel embarrassed going into a changing room with an armful of clothes and not keeping anything! They are for you to try things on, they wouldnt be there if they didnt expect you to try stuff! Experiment and see what may or may not work for you. Try new shapes, styles, colours, fits and patterns. The only person who’s going to see it inside that changing room is yourself!

3. Document.

As a fashion blogger its kinda my thing taking photos of every single thing I wear. BUT don’t have to rope someone in to take your photos,  Most people have a smart phone and access to a full length mirror! You don’t even have to pop them online - keep ‘em for personal use.Simply take snaps of every outfit you wear, even if your not sure you like them. Take a snap on your phone and keep a visual diary of what you wear.It’s great as a reference point when you have those days “you have nothing to wear” and also a nice point to rebuild outfits from. For example you might think that a certain shape suits you better or you like a certain colour on you. It might inspire you to add something else to look.

4. Concept.

This was suggested to me by a stylist friend when she tries to get an idea of what clients might like. Create a little style concept. I look of it as a little brief to yourself. All about how you’d like to dress and styles you might like to try.  I describe my style as a little bit grungy with a soft but not girly edge. I like to wear leather jackets, jeans, skate shoes, loud prints in monochrome. I love grey jersey, texture and anything oversized.Admittedly how I'd like to dress and how I do dress are two different things! 

5. Think about it.

Admittedly I spend quite a while thinking about what to wear. Like most people on this planet I don’t just magic an outfit of thin air. The most stylish peeps I know don’t just wake up and walk to their wardrobe and the perfect dream outfit is there waiting and glowing for them. It takes time to think about what you like, what suits you and what will and won’t work. Thinking about what goes together and what does, what shapes suit you and so on. My little technique is to make lists and notes on items I like and want to add to my wardrobe. I stalk websites and blogs and think quite a lot about what I like and don’t like. I guess it's all part of being a blogger and a fashion enthusiast at the same time!

The thing about personal style is that there is no right or wrong. it’s all about personal preference. Having that signature style doesn’t come easy but if you ask anyone what makes someone stylish they won’t know how to answer. The means to create and express yourself through style with whatever budget you have is something that we all have the ability to do it’s just something you need to be open to. It takes time to find something you're totally comfortable with.  I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with sticking to a style and running with it. If you find a look you like and it works for you then rock it! Don’t dwell too much on what is or isn’t in fashion and focus on what you like and don’t like. Style constantly develops and evolves and that's one of the most exciting things about it.