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It feels so long since I did an outfit post. When it reality Im sure it hasn’t even been that long. I guess it just feels weird coming back to normality and everyday routine. Despite this Im off to Germany tomorrow which should be pretty darn fun. I’ve spent most of today just organising that and getting things in check before leaving… well I’ve spent most of the day procrastinating but I have been trying my hardest OK! I've just sat on my bed to write this and now Im having instant regrets as I know I'm going to regret lying down for so long. Im supposed to be meeting people for drinks and stuff... like 2 hours ago. Wah.

A little about the outfit. I;ve had these Choies boots for so long but for some reason never got around to wearing them. I feel like some badass pirate when i wear them though. So much swag. I cant believe I typed swag in a blog post. Someone gimmie a clip round the ear. The shirt is an item I've wanted for ages but wasnt sure, I was swayed on the River Island website when they had free next day delivery. I swear those type of gimmicks are designed for chumps like me!

Anyway hope you all have a sweet weekend. I do have posts going up while I'm away so you probably wont even notice I'm gone. However if you want to keep up with me and my travels follow me on Instagram as I'm sure they'll be tons of stuff on there! Love ya x

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