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Im back! I got back from the Festival last night in which I’d like to say oh I went straight to shower and sleep… but no. I actually ended up editing a video and doing some brand work. More of the same today. Im currently juggling 4 huge projects by myself and Im feeling really out of my depth. Oh well, I’ll keep going and hope for the best! Today I interviewing Rita Ora, which was fab but apart from that I've been stressing and generally feeling a bit down.

Whenever I don’t know what to wear I always reach for this White Pepper dress. Im sure most of you have seen me wear it countless times before. I just love it. It’s simple, girly and cool. Especially with this heat we’re having in London at the moment. It’s silky and light and just feels good on. Polka dots are always the easiest and laziest way to dress!

Sorry for such sporadic updates at the moment guys. I feel really bad as I'm normally so good with keeping on track. Im just here there and everywhere and while Im having the time of my life I just keep forgetting about this place that is the reason I lead the life I lead.  I’ll update you on the festival tomorrow or whenever I have time to access that memory card with the images. I feel like sometimes I have so much stuff to share I don’t know where to start!