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I dont normally post iphone outfits on the blog and we forgot to take proper photos of this last night - but I really wanted to share this outfit with you guys incase you missed it on my Instagram. I went to a party at my friends Mandy and Bings and the theme was suits/pj's. The first part of the night we had to wear some sort of formal/dressy outfit then the second we changed into PJ's. I didn't change into pj's instead just wearing my new pink princess dress from Topshop.

I saw the dress online and really really wanted it. It's really 80's and kinda weird in a prom dress sort of way but there was something about it that I knew it would really work on me. Fitting in the right places, the perfect shade and very flattering. I had so many compliments on it I was a very happy girl last night. Or that might have been the Jack Daniels going to my head!