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Spuntino is one of my favourite places to eat in London hands down. It’s tucked away near Leicester square and Piccadilly and it serves small plates with a unique twist. The mac and cheese is the best mac and cheese I’ve ever tasted. It’s creamy and sharp without any sloppiness and the breadcrumb topping just gives it a little extra edge. Add some mustard and oh god - heaven in a skillet. The bone marrow sliders are also worth trying as they are creamy, gooey and SO more-ish! They do a mean gin fizz too, I often have a few to begin with and they are delicious!

Apologies that these photos are a little damp. My hair was well and truly rained on thanks to the Great British Weather. I swear the UK is the only place where it can go through all four seasons in one day. I’m expecting snow at some point soon. It’s crazy! As it was just a casual day I wore leggings, a vest and some brogues. Jazzing the outfit up with some metallic shoes which I got as part of my Boohoo Experience Everything package (see more on that here - it’s super exciting!). I absolutely love them nd got so many comments from strangers from them and looks of bewilderment when I tell them they are from Boohoo! Very pleased with them! My coat is from Guess but I bought it off eBay in the hopes to wear it to Fashion Week but it didn’t arrive in time. None the less it’s one of my favourite coats and I really need to wear it more often!

Apart from Spuntino I went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel again with a friend and wandered around Whole Foods. TGBH is so good and I highly recommend going to see it if you havent already. I think its one of my favourite Wes Anderson's! I had a really great bank holiday weekend and Im sure whatever the week has to throw at me will be just as fun. Peace.