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If you watched my ASOS haul a few weeks ago you'd see I'd gone ahead and purchased a new The Whitepepper Dress. I've been a huge fan of the brand since last summer when I added a few of their smock dresses to my wardrobe. These are still in constant wardrobe rotation because they are so easy to wear and fuss free. This blue polka dot one is possibly my favourite of the four I own. It's cute and casual and I can dress it up or down depending on how I feel.

We shot these photos a two weeks ago (no idea why it's taken me so long to post them!) which triggered me to go get my hair done even though I said I'd leave it longer to try and grow my hair out a bit so it's in better condition. My base hair colour isn't even that dark but compared to my blonde, it makes it look even darker. I had a new head of highlights and some more balayage and a bit of toning! Nice summery refresh, even though my hair will probably regret it!

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Photos By Jon Barker (edited by me) & follow him on Twitter @jedijon