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asos shirt
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I wasnt 100% sure with this shirt at first. I liked it on the site and then when I first tried it I was a bit iffy about it but it's really grown on me. Does anyone else have those ASOS models that no matter what they wear they just sell it to you? It's kinda weird and out there but I like that, it's sort of statement in it's own way. I kinda imagine it's something that my Dad would have worn back in the 80's or something. Faux Vintage. Pinching the styling from the outfit on ASOS I wore it with black leggings and some simple sandals.

Today I had a really fun meeting, then I've been planning out a video I want to film tomorrow. I've not made a video in about two weeks, which I feel really bad about but I've been away at my mums and then just lacking inspiration! But if all goes to plan tomorrow I'll have a nice new video for y'all! I also really want to do a Q&A soon, what do you think?