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Today I got the dirtiest look of an old lady I’ve ever had in my life. Why? Because I wasn’t wearing tights “on a day like today”. Sigh. It’s not really been that cold but I guess on the flip side it hasn’t been that worn. I was just lazy and couldn’t be bothered to put any on. Plus tights are notorious outfit ruiners. I think I've decided I hate tights! 

Anyway today I've been working like crazy - planning a few things for the next few months and trying to finish off two videos for the rest of the week. One will be up tomorrow and the other will hopefully be up on Sunday. Im also in the process of trying to find some desk space to rent in London which is proving difficult as I know what Im looking for I just haven't found one thats clicked yet. I'm off to Liverpool tomorrow which should be lovely as I love the city and I haven't been up north (Although, north to us Londoners is anything beyond London in a all fairness) for such a long time. Im really looking forward to it.

Excuse my silly faces. Wasnt feeling today at all so went with the photos I'd normally delete!