ASOS Please Sir
ASOS Please Sir ASOS Please Sir

As my lovely photographer Jon was busy today (and its tipping it down!) we couldn’t do outfit snaps. So I thought I’d attempt an outfit post self shot. Aaaaand it didn’t work. It’s actually ridiculously hard to take your own photos outside, even more so when you live in London and you live in constant fear someone is going to run off with your tripod. Instead I thought I’d show you my new shoes that I picked up from ASOS last week and featured in yesterdays outfit video.

While I feel like shoe additions to my wardrobe right now are coming thick and fast, I just had to get these. Inspired by Amy from The Little Magpie (she is da best - go follow her now!) I purchased these ASOS Please Sir Platforms in White. Similar to a few pairs of shoes that re going round at the moment these have a rubber sole and a cancas top. I love the simple design of the shoe even thought I kinda feel like it's a little ugly at the same time. I guess Im just really getting into ugly shoes right now. Super flatteing, comfortable to walk in and not too bad on the bank balance as they are only £30. Awesome.