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Today me and Emma went on a fleeting visit up to Liverpool to explore the city and visit Nu Cosmetic. They are a clinic up in Liverpool and we were there to find out more about their attitudes towards cosmetic enhancements. It actually shocked me how honest and tactful the place was. I feel some places come across as really pushy, forward and you're more likely to leave thinking "I need full body lipo and a facelift asap". It wasn't just promoting nipping, tucking and poking bits in places but talking about lifestyle changes, self esteem issues and confidence.

I promise I'll do a post on my feelings and thoughts in the next few weeks on this incredibly touchy and sensitive subject - but it's something I feel really should be talked about. While I've never had anything done but Emma has had a few things done so it really interesting to hear about it from so many different perspectives. We discussed it in length today which was refreshing, realistic and eye opening - It's nice to hear things from different sides. I'll admit that I'm personally not against cosmetic enhancement - I am pro making your own decisions about your body that only effect you. I think we live in an age where "plastic" surgery is over enhanced and blow out of proportion in the media, when in reality the majority of "work" "real" people get done is for self esteem or medical reasons. I do think people can abuse it but... I dunno. It's hard to find the line. Like I said I'll talk more about this later in the month!

Today I wore jeans, comfy pointed shoes and a oversized jumper today as I was in a rush to get ready. I wasnt even intending on blogging about what we got up to so I forgot about my camera for most of the day. Liverpool is a lovely city and I hope to go back next time I have a free weekend. I loved the atmosphere and the whole vibe. Totally different to London in the most relaxing way.