summer outfit inspiration

Summer is coming just doesnt seem to have quite the same ring to it as Winter Is Coming. Today I thought I'd do a little Summery kinda lookbook. I always feel super awkward making Lookbooks and I often find them super cringe which is why I never really post them. They are also damn hard to film yourself and keep them feeling fresh and interesting. I gave it a go anyway! Watch above for my take on summer dressing - English summer of course! All the links are over on the Youtube page as well as any further details you might want! Enjoy! PS. I also made a video on my second channel about Game Of Thrones vs ASOIAF if anyone was interested in seeing my thoughts on that. Im forever making videos on my channels (I have two, Lily & Lily Melrose) but I very rarely post them on here. So get subscribed so you dont miss my rambles!