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I’ve been to three different gigs in the past three days and I feel like I’ve not actually talked about any of them. I don’t have any photos… because there really is NO point taking photos at gigs unless you’re near the front. Even then it’s effort.

Now - I’ve always been a Brand New girl but I can’t help but feel like I was ever so slightly disappointed after seeing them. They were really good - everything I wanted them to be but there was so many things off and I dunno. It was weird. I felt disconnected from the music despite singing every single word. But it was a different feeling compared to when I saw Taking Back Sunday a few months ago or even Manchester Orchestra on Thursday. I was also sad the didn’t play my favourite song ever - Jude Law and A Semester Abroad. Although we were treated to most of Deja Entendu & some of my favourite songs off Daisy (Sink & Gasoline). They even played Seventy Times Seven and Mix Tape which was awesome - just unexpected.

The venue was really wrong for the event too, it’s weird how much a venue can change the way a gig feels. I think Koko or Kentish Town Forum would have been more appropriate than Troxy. It was just so out of the way. Besides that I saw so many of my ex boyfriends or people I knew from the past which was incredibly weird because Brand New has always been my go-to in any relationship situation. There was many an awkward wave. Which is not Brand New’s problem but I guess thats just what it’s like when you grow up listening to emo music.