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Sometimes I dont like dressing super girly. There are days when I like nothing more than rocking a band tee, plaid shirt or a oversized sweater with a pair of ol' jeans. I dont always do androgynous as I feel like it doesn't really suit me but there are times when it just feels right y'know.

I lost my phone last night in a bar and I'm at a loose end as to where it went. I had it one second and then the next I didnt. I dont even recall anyone being near enough to be to steal it from me so who knows. I had some grief with EE about them almost not honouring my contract insurance because they decided not to add it to my contract for no reason. Sigh. I swear phone companies make it difficult for themselves when it could all be so easy.

Anyway, Im very excited about the weekend. I'm seeing McBusted on Saturday evening and I think on Saturday day time we're going to The Rumble in the Jumble up at Oval Space. It's basically a celebrity jumble sale type thing with loads of people selling their old stuff jumble sale stylee for charity. It should be fun! I'll be around from 1 so if you're coming come say hi! Tomorrow is my house birthday night out as well which should be pretty fun. I cant remember if I talked about it but we've got some new housemates after our old ones recently moved out. They are pretty cool so it's gonna be sweet to hang with them for a bit! Despite this being a four day week I really feel like it's dragged. I hate that I'm one of those people that live so much for the weekend but... hey thats how it goes!

I have so much to say and talk about right now I don't even know where to realistically start. A few days ago I had confirmation of two huge projects I've been pitching finally going through and I can start work on them properly. One is totally life changing and I cant wait to actually tell you all about it... because its absolutely mega. I hate being cryptic all the time but as soon as I can talk about it then I will. The other thing is a big summer partnership with a leading hair retailler which again is pretty exciting as I've never done anything like what we hope to do.  It's weird because I've gone from feeling so lost with my blog and my life but everything falling back into place and this makes me happy. Maybe I am a career person after all, or is it because I feel like my real life is back on track that I'm not doubting myself as much as I did?

Wow this post is loads longer than I imagined it'd be! Sorry for the ramble!