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estee lauder bronze goddess skin scent*

So it is finally official! Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess 2014 finally has a release date and I have a bottle of my favourite perfume ever in my grubby paws. From May 1st nationwide, you will be able to grab a bottle of my ultimate summer scent - Personally I'll be buying five. Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess is a beautiful blend of creamy coconut, vanilla, mandarin, amber, lemon and tropical flowers. It's just exquisite. Bronze Goddess reminds me of hot beaches, summer nights, luxury vacations and cocktails. Glamorous and exotic and packed full of excitement. I've done full reviews of the perfume here and here, but the best way for me to describe it is "holiday in a bottle." If you got the perfume last year then it's the same packaging and fragrance as it previously was. It's only available in the summer months and always sells out so I reccomend hitting your local Lauder counter as soon as you can.

This is seriously my favourite perfume of all time and I can't rave about the stuff enough. I'm already planning on getting a few more bottles. It's just so perfect and right up my street scent wise. Estée Lauder also has a body and makeup collection as part of thee Bronze Goddess release, but I'll chat more about them when I've given them a good whirl. Listen to Get Licky and spritz this for an instant summer throwback. If you try one perfume this summer then let it be this one!

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess UK release date is May 1st